There is more to the design of the dollar bill than counterfeit and forgery prevention. Experts discuss the history, meaning, and rich symbolism of all the markings of the millions in circulation.

Go inside the Treasury’s Department of Printing and Engraving.
Experts analyze the symbols on the dollar.
See how and why the dollar has changed over generations.

The dollar bill is more than a piece of currency. It holds a historical record of the patriotic ideals that America’s early leaders held dear. Also, the face of the bill holds more dubious symbols and examples of numerology. DECODING THE PAST interviews experts to learn about the significance of these varied symbols.

See how the dollar bill has changed throughout the years and go inside the Treasury’s Department of Printing and Engraving to meet the people that process the national currency. It may be “just a buck”, but it possess a much richer past.