Op 17, 18 en 19 Augustus was de “Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference” in Los Angeles. Met de wereld premiere van Why in the World are The Spraying, en gastsprekers als Sofia Smallstorm, Dane Wigington, William Thomos, Rosanne Barr en meer..

Was er nog iets dat je wilde weten over chemtrails en Geoengineering Bekijk dan de video’s hieronder en koop de DVD op:Consciousnessbeyondchemtrails.com

The Largest Stand Ever Against Chemtrails!


Retired USDA Biologist Francis Mangels on Geoengineering (Interview by John Whyte)


HAARP-Chemtrails WMD Exposing a Spiritual Mass Mind-control and Planetary Assault with Alfred Lambremont Webre

This video contains a lecture & Powerpoint delivered by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference, Los Angeles, CA on August 18, 2012


Beyond Chemtrails Conference 2012 Bruce Douglas

Bruce Douglas was an organiser for the Chemtrail/Geoengineering Symposium in April 27, 2012 held in Maui. Douglas is also the originator of the Maui Clean Sky Ordinance bill currently under review by Maui County Council member Ellie Cochran who is actively behind the legislation.

The proposed ordinance states that the people of the County of Maui recognize that geoengineers have proposed the global disbursement of aerosols and other particulates into the atmosphere for the stated goal of reversing the effects of global warming and cooling the planet. Supporters of the bill want geoengineers to notify and gain approval from the county with an environmental impact statement before spraying anything related to climate manipulation in Maui County skies.

For more information and to keep updated on the status of the Maui Clean Sky Ordinance, visit http://mauiskywatch.org

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