To those in control of Europe.

I don’t belong to any political party, special interest group or fanatical organisation. I remain, like always, just a regular person, a citizen of Europe, and only wish for you to hear my words.

Will you do so? You should, because I speak on behalf of many.

I grew up in Europe. I found it fantastic.

My parents travelled from England to Germany, then to the Netherlands in 1976. National borders existed then, but even so, Europeans still worked and travelled easily throughout the continent.

When I grew older, I chose to stay within Europe rather than return to England. If someone asked me about my nationality, I gave a simple answer.

European. I spoke multiple languages with friends from every corner of the continent, so how else could I respond?

Germany, France, Spain. No matter where I went I always felt welcome.

We worked and played together and considered ourselves friends. True friendship tends to destroy differences like language and culture, rather than friendship dictated by law.

We made no demands in other countries. We didn’t request they change their cultures, justice systems, and food for selfish comfort.

We respected those who deserved it, and moved on from those who didn’t. Simple, really.

However, we started noticing changes and the signing of treaties. These treaties let people work and live in neighbouring countries, despite 30 years of already doing so.

Then they got rid national borders. Again, I must ask why.

We already travelled easily, and what about criminals? Last month I drove across three countries without a single request for a passport or photo.

What if criminals also do this? Don’t bother answering, because they already do.

And now the Euro, such a magnificent currency. At first it seemed like a good idea.

However, Mediterranean prices exploded as a result. Wages did not increase, but plummeted.

The European Union wants the Spanish, Greeks, Portuguese and Italians to pay bills as a prince but live as a pauper. Surely Europe knew this would never succeed.

And yet, they went forward with this plan anyway. Such a caring government, don’t you think?

Remember my name. Liberty.

We shall meet again soon.

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