Murder by Joystick.

Does anyone even notice? Does anyone even care anymore? Is the world so callous they can’t even see, feel or think? Are western “leaders” so power drunk they’ve taken to virtually shooting fish in a barrel for fun and profit?

Looks that way to me.

US drone terror bombing of Somalia combined with US instigated invasion by Somalia’s neighbors like Kenya and Ethiopia create more death and destruction than the famine.

Seventy-nine more people have been killed in US assassination drone attacks in southern Somalia, bringing the death toll to 146 over the past two days, Press TV reported. The US military launched terror drone attacks on Bilis Qooqaani town, which is located 448 kilometers (278 miles) southwest of the Somali capital Mogadishu, on Friday. At least 79 people were killed and several others were injured in the strikes. PressTV

What if this was your daughter?
Give Obama Another Piece-of-body Prize

These drone forays are unauthorized, completely uncalled for and totally unprovoked.

And wickedly murderous.

Innocent civilian Palestinian children playing in their yards are massacred by Israeli joystick cowards in sanitized hidden military bases in Tel Aviv. Pakistani teens are blown up on their way to school by idiot commuting American boneheads playing war games in a sheltered base in Nevada. Unsuspecting Africans are mowed down indiscriminately by futuristic robotic death machines managed by moronic military computer geeks looking for a thrill or promotion.

This is sick and there isn’t nearly enough outrage about it.

How can the US make these forays into Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and now Turkey and who knows where else murdering anonymous guilty-by-being-in-line-of-sight humans by remote control? Is the world so bullied into “accept it or face the consequences”, or have the horrific realities of mechanized war become so distanced from the western psyche that they simply can no longer feel?

A drone’s view. What will it think of your activities?
Worse Yet

Does this signal a grand silent imprimatur by the predominance of the world’s populace that this “war on terror” has been granted some kind of Orwellian preemptive combat authorization? Smells that way to me.

9/11 “patriotism” has mutated into blood lust. Sick, sick world.
Is There No Saying No Anymore?

Just as the Obama administration singlehandedly authorized the US led waltz into Libya, or Bush swept aside American freedoms following the staged 9/11 attacks, or the banksters are unilaterally bailed out and protected following their global financial heist, so the war “drones” on. And on.

I’m ashamed of the lack of public outcry at these sanitized random murders. Maybe it’s the fluoride and chemtrails having their desired effect, I don’t know. But there’s still no excuse. Anyone with an iota of consciousness should be OUTRAGED at what’s going on!

Americans better wake up. This doesn’t go unnoticed and unaccounted for in the Universal Grand Scheme of things. What goes around comes around. Big time.

Americans will certainly reap what they’ve allowed and even insanely encouraged their country to sow.

And It ain’t gonna be pretty.